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January 22, 2019


In thriving cities like our home base of Denver, Colorado, the growing “buy local” movement is a cause every community should strive to support. There are so many positive aspects of customer service and consumer experience that are lost when it comes to purchasing products from large companies and corporations. Being a locally-owned business ourselves, we know this fact to be more than true.

When you buyfitness equipment for your Denver, Colorado home fromSimpsons Fitness Supply, your preferences and satisfaction are our main concern. We love being a part of the community and take pride in providing a service for it. Just like any of your favorite local businesses, there are countless benefits from shopping with us over large franchises in or outside of Denver. Keep reading to see why shopping locally for your fitness equipment supports you, the consumer, as well as your community.


You are not another number

AtSimpsons Fitness Supply, you are a valued and unique customer instead of being another number on a spreadsheet. Rather than trying to meet a quota, we aim to meet your wishes and expectations for your future in-home gym. Our main focus is to help you findfitness equipment that fits your lifestyle and workout routine. Our entire purpose is lost if you arrive home with a purchase that is not right for you. We succeed when you receive gym equipment that supports your fitness journey.  

Freedom to find the right fit for you

When you step into ourfitness supply store, there is no rush to purchase. WithSimpsons Fitness Supply being based locally, you may return a few times to explore your options without having to travel too far. This allows you to take the time you need to consider your options as well as get to know the hard-working people who will be helping you make your decision. Our stellar customer service is a part of our business that we, as well as all local businesses, pride ourselves deeply on. There is no other fitness supply store in Denver where you’ll get the same level of one-on-one attention and care. And that’s a promise.

A healthier community is a happier community

If you’re here, then you already know the countless benefits of exercising regularly. Not only does it make for a healthier you, but a happier one too. We believe that with each customer that we are able to supplygym equipment for in Denver, Colorado, the healthier and happier our community becomes. When  Simpsons Fitness Supply helps stock a home gym, that means another Denver local has a reliable and functional workout space they can go to every day. We would love to see every member of our community with a space like this because we believe that supports the growth of a healthier and happier community.

Front door service

When you purchasegym equipment fromSimpsons Fitness Supply and live in the Denver Metro area, you can get our front door service for an additional charge. As a local business, we are able to offer options for delivery that will  save you on shipping costs. We’ve all experienced the scenario where you fill up your cart, go to checkout, and then have to cancel at the end due to an extraneous shipping cost. By shopping locally with us, you can save on that extra and frustrating cost of getting the product to your home.

Bringing business back into the community

Probably one of the best benefits of shopping with us forfitness equipment in Denver, Colorado, is the fact that it brings more business back into our community. When you shop with a large company, your valuable money is going off to an unknown location. But when you shop withSimpsons Fitness Supply, your purchases help support your local community. When local businesses flourish, the community flourishes. Shopping locally with us is investing in your own community.

There are so many benefits when you shop locally with us for yourgym equipment and let us help you create your own workout space. But don’t trust our word, come stop by and see the benefits of buying local yourself!

You know your products are well made -Know the quality of our products

When you shop locally atSimpsons Fitness Supply, there is no question about the quality of your newgym equipment. We listen to our customers’ feedback and proudly post reviews of our products so we can improve the quality of our products.  Our customers put our products to the test through home and commercial use. At our warehouse, we have our products on display so customers can touch and try out the products.  One of the many benefits of this is that we are able to answer questions about our fitness equipment. This gives us the ability to offer our equipment for the  best value possible. With each and every purchase, you will know exactly what has gone into your equipment and what you’re purchasing.

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