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January 24, 2019


"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

These well-known words are exactly how we feel about smallerhome gym equipment pieces that sometimes get overlooked when one goes to create a home gym or add to an already existing one. While benches and machines are staples in any gym, they are not the only holy grails of exercise equipment. It's amazing how a light pair ofdumbbells can change the impact of your squat sets or how mats can relieve the pressure on high-impact areas of your body. Here is our list of five smallhome gym equipmentadditions that can take your workout to the next level.

  1. Timer

This isn't usually an item that comes to mind when one thinks about importantfitness equipment. In our opinion though, this is a great addition to any in-home gym. Having a timer in your workout space can not only help you track the length of your workouts but can also help motivate you to push through a workout and finish strong. With a timer, you can also easily set goals to increase your cardio time or the number of reps you do within a certain period. For those with smart-phones, it can get pretty cumbersome to keep picking up your phone to mess with the timer. With your own  wall timer, you won't have to do that anymore. After a few clicks with your remote, your time will be all set and you'll be good to go.

  1. Dumbbells

A set of reliabledumbbells can turn up the burn on any bodyweight or free-standing exercises. Even a pair of 10lb dumbbells can intensify your workout and pack that extra punch. They are a great item to have sitting near you because you can add them to your workout at any time and then just set them down when you no longer feel the need for extra weight.  Dumbbells give you the flexibility and freedom you don't have with a large weight machine or bench.

  1. Foam Roller

This is a key item that comes into play both at the beginning and end of your workout. Having a foam roller on-hand in yourhome gym can change how your body feels throughout every workout. Since there are quite a few benefits of using a  foam roller, we'll list them below in case you're curious:

  •      Increases blood flow
  •      Stretches and loosens muscles
  •      Improves the smoothness of movements
  •      Increases and strengthens range of motion
  •      Alleviates pressure or tension
  •      Decreases risk of injury such as pulling a muscle
  •      Decreases the recovery time needed between high-intensity workouts

  1. Ab Mat

Another small piece offitness equipment with a similar goal of supporting your body for the best workout possible is an ab mat. This is another in-home gym essential to add to your space. Ab mats can allow you to focus the burn on the specific muscles you're training rather than putting unnecessary strain on the areas of your body that are trying to support during the workout you're doing. It's amazing how a small  mat can save areas such as your lower back or tailbone during an intense workout.

  1. Jump Box

A jump box is another great piece ofhome gym equipment that we find many do not think to add to their space. This is surprising since it's such an easy and awesome way to work those two popular problem areas: glutes and thighs. It's relatively small, light, and can fit in a corner until you want to use it; making it the perfect little box to own. Get your lower half ready for swimsuit season by incorporating a  jump box into your gym.

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