3 Reasons Buying Fitness Equipment Locally Will Save You Money

November 17, 2018

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The end of the year is near, holiday feasts - family time - and lots of cheer to go along with this time of year. And then… the beloved New Year resolutions and get fit campaigns. Now is the time of year that gyms nationwide begin taking inventory of what they have, what they don’t have and what they need as the new year approaches.

We are here to help make the process of flowing into the New Year a little more seamless by providing friendly neighborhood customer service, great prices for fitness equipment, and to help with service needs of commercial or in-home gyms.

You’ve browsed around the net and have done your research on the best fitness equipment that fits your needs and budget. But, before you click “Add to Cart” and “Check Out”, consider first the advantages of buying fitness equipment locally rather than buying something sight unseen.

Here are the three (3) reasons why buying fitness equipment locally will save you money:

1. Buying locally means having someone right around the corner

When it comes to purchasing fitness equipment for your gym, knowing who you are doing business with can make all the difference especially when making large purchases. Having someone who can listen to your needs and fit you with the right gear is crucial to meet your fitness goal. Buying locally also allows you to visit the location and touch, feel, and see the quality of the equipment you are getting. Local merchants and suppliers are passionate about their products and know detailed insights about them. You can ask questions, inspect the item in greater detail, and decide whether it’s the right fitness equipment for you. Also, your best bet when buying a major purchase is to try it out! Developing a relationship with the company you are purchasing from creates a great path when you need to make another purchase in the future. Relationships make all the difference, so we encourage you to purchase fitness equipment in Colorado from a local supplier.

2. Saves on shipping cost

Save yourself from paying hefty shipping fees when purchasing online when you buy your gym equipment locally. Unlike shopping online or from a supplier in another state, local suppliers may even offer discounted delivery fees when delivered around the area, allowing you to receive the equipment right to your doorstep.  This way, you can save yourself from worries whether your order will be delivered on time or if it will be damaged. You can make sure it is the right equipment which will save you the time and hassles of returns and hours on the phone if it is incorrect or damaged.

3. Build a relationship from buying locally

Another compelling reason why purchasing fitness equipment in Colorado, locally is more beneficial is building a relationship with the company or the person you are buying from. Buying locally enhances your customer service experience because these local suppliers or business owners take pride in their products and will exert their best effort to keep a fellow business owner happy. The positive word of mouth they can create in the local community from good customer service grows their business as well. Not only do they want to give you their best product, but they will ensure that you have a great customer experience that keeps you coming back for more.

More importantly, their customer service does not stop after the sale.  One of the best things about purchasing locally is after the sales. As gym equipment gets old and broken, having someone to call on to easily fix it or replace it is paramount. Some local businesses and companies offer a repair service that saves time and money or they may have a preferred repair vendor. This ensures that you don’t have to wait on an authorized repair center which may be far away from your area or take forever to get the equipment back. This can end up costing you dollars every day it is not in use.

Save yourself from the pitfalls of buying fitness equipment through online shopping or ordering from a distributor who is located in another state that you’ll only return later due to some hidden defects.  By checking out your area for local suppliers, you can always decide whether what you purchase is a “good buy” or a “good bye”.

If you’re buying fitness equipment in Colorado - we’d love to show you some neighborhood love and service your gym needs.

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