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January 09, 2019


Mobility or being mobile is an important aspect of being healthy. It impacts the quality of your movements while also helping you to reduce the danger of injuring your muscles during and after a workout. Generally, being mobile helps you live an overall better quality of life.

No matter what your workout routine entails, the more mobility you can incorporate into your life, the better your success will be in achieving your fitness goals.

Why is Mobility is Important?

Decrease injury

As mobility refers to our ability to move freely without stressing the body, being mobile plays an important role in enhancing movement quality and preventing injuries. Being mobile enables you to perform movements correctly and activate the right muscle groups which in turn evade muscular imbalances and reduces the chances of injuring your muscles during and post-workout.

Better Quality of Life

Better mobility means moving pain-free whether in the gym or in your day-to-day life. Mobility training enhances the range of motion in our muscles and joints and also improves our posture. Training for mobility alleviates our everyday aches and pains and improves the awareness in our body.

Equipment for a Good Mobility Workout

To improve your mobility, it’s important to consistently work on it with exercises that strengthen and increase the mobility of your muscles. Here are some pieces of gym equipment that can help in your mobility workout:

  1. Foam rollers- Foam rolling applies pressures to specific points on your body that aid your muscles in recovery to help them return to their normal function quickly. Foam rollers are best to use pre- and post workout. Simpson’s Fitness Supply is the go-to fitness equipment supplier in the Denver metro area, you can find an array of foam rollers in different lengths, sizes, and densities that are ideal for your needs and that fit in your gym bag, as well.
  1. Massage balls or bars- massage balls and bars come in various shapes and sizes. Some massage balls are referred to as ‘mobility balls’, ‘myofascial release balls’, ‘yoga balls’ or ‘physical therapy balls’ — which all basically mean the same thing. These massage balls or bars are great for stimulating circulation and relieving pain associated with muscle tension. The small spiky massage ball are great for Plantars Fasciitis.
  1. Resistance bands– are great tools to assist stretching, especially for those with limited flexibility and mobility. Adding resistance band exercises to your workout helps increase your mobility and correctly activate dormant muscles. Simpsons Fitness Supply offers a variety of resistance bands that help with stability and mobility exercises.
  1. Cross-over symmetry - Cross-over symmetry bands available at Simpson Fitness Supply are a strength training tool that helps to improve dynamic stability. We offer different packages from novice to deluxe; from individual packages to team packages (perfect for your baseball team training needs). The individual package includes 2 sets of Crossover Cords: a heavy set and a light set. We have pre-selected the resistance levels based on the strength of the individual and the known strength ratios of larger and smaller muscle groups/movement patterns. Each package contains:
    • Training Guide (hardcopy)
    • Access to online Training Zone
    • Aluminum Exercise Chart
    • Crossover Cords
    • CS Mobility Sac
    • Drawstring Backpack
    • Attachments (Choice of Door Belts or Squat Rack Straps)

Getting your body up and moving several times during the day goes a day goes a long way towards increasing your mobility. You can do mobility workouts in as little as 5-10 minutes daily to strengthen your muscles and improve your workout.  For all of your mobility equipment needs visit our mobility section on the website or give us a call to discuss what mobility equipment you’ll need for your fitness routine.  


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