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Simpsons Black Bumper Plates

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Plate Sets
  • 160lb - (2) Each size 10-25-45
  • 190lb - (2) Each size 10-15-25-45
  • 210lb - (2) Each size 45-35-25 (No Logo on plates)
  • 240lb - (2) Each size 45-35-25-15 (No Logo on plates)
  • 300lb - (4) x 45 - (2) x 35-25 (No Logo on plates)
  • 260lb - (2) Each size 10-15-25-35-45
  • 350lb - (2) Each size 10-15-25-35 (4) x 45

Simpsons Bumper Plates are a must have for any home, garage or commercial gym. No matter what your training preference, Olympic weightlifting, cross training, powerlifting, or HIIT type workouts these high quality, budget friendly plates are a staple part of any workout. Bumper plates will help protect your floors after a heavy overhead lift or failed attempt and reduce noise and rattle of traditional metal plates. These plates have more of a dead bounce opposed to much bouncier crumb style plates. If you are looking for just a pair to add to your existing plates or a complete set Simpsons has you covered.


  • Diameter: 17.5"
  • Home & Commercial Use
  • Plate Thickness Below:
  • 45lb - 3 3/8" | 35lb - 2 5/8" | 25lb - 2" | 15lb - 1 1/4" | 10lb - 1"
  • Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Minimal Bounce
  • Low Odor

To help extend the life of your bumper plate you should always use rubber flooring, stall mats,or  Olympic platforms to help absorb the impact of a dropped loaded barbell. Always keeps plates tight on the barbell with collars between lifts to prevent uneven balance on the bar for a more even drop. 10 & 15lb plates are not designed to be dropped overhead without thicker 25 - 45lb plates to add stability to plates. Mixing metal & crumb bumper plates will void warranty due to different diameter of each style of plate.


Warranty: 10 - 15lb plates are warrantied for 90 days. The 25 - 45lb plates are warrantied for 2 years for home use and 1 year for commercial use. Must be used with rubber flooring to help preserve the life of the plates.