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Body Solid

Body Solid Heavy Rubber Ball

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Each of the BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls is 13.6” in diameter and comes in six different weight options—20-70 lbs.—making them a great addition to any home gym or facility.

Body-Solid Tools BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls will perfectly integrate into several popular workout routines including wall ball workouts, squats, partner/group tosses plus all slam ball and medicine ball-related exercises.

Built not only for durability but also comfort, Body-Solid Tools BSTHRB Heavy Rubber Balls feature easy-grip rubber construction, ensuring a tight and firm grip throughout the workout.

Each ball is color-coded by weight and features both lbs. and kgs. weight displays for quick and easy use.    

Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Color Coded:

  •         20 lb. Purple
  •         30 lb. Yellow
  •         40 lb. Green
  •         50 lb. Red
  •         60 lb. Blue
  •         70 lb. Gray

Tech Specs

  • Heavy-rubber construction for significantly longer life
  • Durable and guaranteed to never break open or lose shape
  • Consistent center of gravity
  • Six weight options: 20 lbs., 30 lbs., 40 lbs., 50 lbs., 60 lbs. & 70 lbs.
  • Color-coding and weight displays (lbs. and kgs.)
  • Easy-grip rubber, no seams and no stitching
  • Perfect for use in wall ball workouts, squats, partner/group tosses & slam ball and medicine ball exercises
  • 13.6” diameter