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Simpsons Competition Kettlebells

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Simpsons Competition Kettlebells are are available from 8kg - 48kg in 2kg increments and are made of steel instead of cast iron like the traditional hard side kettlebells. These quality made competition kettlebells are color coordinated to meet sport lifting standards and are all the same size bell diameter and handle diameter regardless of weight for a uniform training experience. With bells the same size this keeps the playing field level and not giving anyone an unfair advantage. Competition bells are designed for higher repetition exercises than traditional hard side bells.

Competition kettlebells are created with a one piece gravity cast to create a better surface finish, accuracy and weight. No fillers are used which can lead to incorrect weights and noisy during use with shifting contents. One piece kettlebells are much stronger than some traditional style kettlebells which are sometimes welded handles, which are weaker and can break easier.

Handles are not painted or polished like some lesser quality bells. Handles are more of a raw handle which give them a better "textured type" feel which can hold chalk very well, giving you a better grip and more control without having to worry about losing your grip during swings. Window size and curvature are more comfortable than traditional style bells in the racked position and during lifts. Competition kettlebells are great for lifts such as goblet squats, swings, cleans, jerks, snatches and Turkish get ups. Kettlebells are a great mix of power and cardio to get one of the best all around workouts. No matter your training style, kettlebells are a must have in any home or garage gym and can be found in most commercial gyms.