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February 21, 2019


If you are a trainer, coach, or athlete, there are three things you should love this month of LOVE: yourself, your sport, and our  crossover symmetry packages.

Why, out of all things, should you love Simpson’s Fitness Supplies crossover symmetry packages you ask?

You should love them this month not only because they will help you increase you or your team’s mobility and flexibility so fitness goals can be reached quicker, but also because we offer a variety of different packages that are each catered to a specific purpose or need you might have.

But before we get into all that, let’s talk about what acrossover symmetry package is.

This mobility and  athlete-focused fitness package contain a range of equipment that is designed to mirror sport-specific movements, mainly concerning your upper-back and shoulders. The movements you perform in conjunction with the crossover chords and training guide our package provides targets common deficiencies and muscle imbalances to improve movement and athletic performance.

Simpson's Fitness Supply offers three different  crossover symmetry packages: team, facility, and individual.

Each package is designed for shoulder and muscle activation, recovery, strength and mobility. As well, every package is broken up into sub packages based on age: novice (age 8-13), athletic (high school), and elite (college and pro).

Our  team crossover symmetry package is great for small or medium sized teams. With four or more stations, each station having two sets of  crossover chords, coaches and trainers can easily take their teams through the crossover symmetry program in an efficient and timely manner. Our package is also a cost-saver being that you can purchase one package for your whole team.

We also have the  facility crossover symmetry package. This package is our most complete and all-inclusive package designed for a large sports facility owner who has many athletes in and out of his/her space. It comes with  eight crossover chords, attachments such as door belts or squat rack straps and CS mobility sack. All the things you need to provide your athletes with ways to increase their mobility prepare them for the game.

Lastly, our  individual crossover symmetry package is perfect for, as the title states, an individual who is looking to personally target muscle issues and improve his/her game. With four crossover chords, two pairs with different resistance, this package as all an athlete needs to work on strength and mobility at home. Not to mention access to our online training zone and a training guide so you can walk yourself through it.

All in all, coach or individual athlete, acrossover symmetry package is an item you need to own to make sure the players are ready for the game.

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