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February 23, 2019


When it comes to creating and building a home gym, so many overspend and over-complicate the process by buying all the gym equipment separately, sometimes from different vendors and at different times.

If you’re interested in a full-fledged gym in your home, this isn’t necessary.

The best way to put together your in-home gym is with a comprehensive  gym equipment package.

A high-quality  gym equipment package beats all of the other options when you’re looking to create a space where you can meet your fitness goals. With the right package, you can receive everything you need all at once. This will allow you to cut expenses and get your gym ready to workout in as fast and as smoothly as possible.

At Simpsons Fitness Supply, your premier supplier of  fitness equipment in Denver, Colorado, we offer a wide variety of packages that allow you to find the best fit for you, your home gym, and your workout goals.

Here are a few of our most popular packages to help you get an idea of what we offer and what might work best for you:

Family Package

Our Family Package is great for households that have multiple people who are passionate about fitness or just someone who is looking for everything they need all in one. This home gym equipment package comes with pieces for strength, mobility, cardio, conditioning, and stretching. With a squat rack, kettlebells, bumper plates, ropes, massage rollers, and more, you can get in shape using a variety of equipment for any kind of workout in your home gym.

PRX Garage Gym Package

The  Garage Gym Package is built to save space so you can set up your garage without taking too much space away from your vehicles or however else you use your garage. No more parking your cars on the driveway just so you can fit your equipment in it. With the amazing PRX space-saving home gyms, you can easily mount everything to the wall with minimal space.  The fold down rack is very versatile to allow you to do squats, slide a bench in for some bench press and do your pull-ups on the provided pull-up bar. Then add a couple wall mount bumper plate holders and you have an entire gym mounted to the wall in the least amount of space possible. It's almost like a piece of artwork right on the wall.

His and Her Package

Our  His and Her PRX Profile Package  is great for any duo who’s ready to shred it. It can be your spouse, your sibling, or a group of friends, or get competitive with your neighbors, it doesn’t matter. This package is optimized for two people to be able to get a killer workout in. It will easily fit in any room or garage. This package is a go-to for many of our customers. It offers the flexibility to exercise in tandem with your gym buddy or just by yourself. With a variety of plates, strength and mobility equipment, you can get those gains and the best part is pulling your car in the garage when your workout is complete. Save time going to the gym with a quick fold down of your rack you are working out in seconds.

Ultimate Home Package


The Ultimate Home Package is our sweet spot of all packages. It’s just the right amount of equipment and saves space to get in all the workouts you need without breaking your bank account. You can both burn calories and/or gain muscles with this  home gym equipment package.

Are any of these appealing to you? If not, don’t worry we have even more affordable options for you to check out. Head over to our  equipment packages page to discover which set is right for you. We’re committed to providing the best in fitness equipment in Denver, Colorado.

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