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February 26, 2019


Foam rollers have gained popularity over the last few years and for good reason, they are a great tool for helping muscles repair. Once considered as a secret weapon of professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and therapists, foam rollers are now regarded by gym goers as a recognizable piece of fitness equipment. Nearly every athletic training room, strength and conditioning facilities, and even home gyms have a variety of foam rollers in different sizes and lengths. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors that are convenient to use and easy to store. They are readily available and inexpensive for anyone who would like their own. 


Foam rollers usually come in one-foot or three-feet lengths. They additionally have different densities depending on the needs. At Simpson’s Fitness Supply, you can find an array of foam rollers in different lengths, sizes, and densities that are ideal for your needs and fit in your gym bag, as well as in almost any space in your home.


Using a foam roller is just as simple. Give yourself a “self-myofascial release” or commonly known as a self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points as a method used to recover from a workout faster. By applying pressure to specific points on the body, foam rolling aids and assists the muscles in releasing the tightness and limiting muscle soreness by increasing blood flow and flexibility, thus avoiding unwanted injuries and pulled muscles.


So, when it is advisable to use a foam roller? Why are foam rollers a great pre-and post-workout activity?


Pre-Workout Roll

Putting foam rolling first before you get into your workout routine activates the muscles and warm up the joints. It also increases mobility work which in turn increases your performance during your workout while decreasing the risk of injury.


Another plus of having your pre-workout session with a foam roller is its capacity to increase blood flow and build muscles. By expanding the blood streaming to your muscles, you increase the ability to turn on the right muscle when you start training. The reduction in tension that is provided by putting pressure on a specific area enacts the muscles you want to prioritize for that day’s workout.


Post- Workout Roll

Utilizing foam rollers after a workout is also essential in loosening up tight muscles or knots after you exercise. The foam roller eases tension in the muscles while additionally stretching them helping you to recover your worn-out muscles faster while also becoming more flexible.


During your post-workout roll, the foam roller can also be used to target tension points. Regardless of whether it is muscle tension from your workout or a previous injury that is causing you continuous agony and immobility, the foam roller can be used to release the strain where the muscle tissue has intertwined together, freeing up movement once again.


The ultimate benefit of utilizing a foam roller both before and after a workout is that it improves the effectiveness of conventional stretching and warm-up methods. Foam rollers apply deep pressure to problem areas, especially those in the pelvic region. This consequently initiates muscle receptors, which expands your overall range of motion, decreases muscular imbalance, and maximizes strength and flexibility.


No matter your fitness preferences, a foam roller has many health benefits to help you whether both for pre-or post-workout activities. You can ease your aches and recover from your rigorous gym day faster with the help of foam roller.


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