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April 30, 2019


Setting fitness New Year’s intentions is easy. But keeping them? Not so much.

We’ve all been there. Where we make an exciting resolution and then only end up sticking to it for two weeks.

Maybe you’re there right now with your “fitness resolutions”.

But just because you haven’t been consistent with your resolution recently, doesn’t mean you should give up on pursuing your goals.

No matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, sticking to the next step in your fitness journey can be difficult. Incorporating a new goal into your life in the form of an intention can sometimes make even the smallest of changes seem daunting. Don't be discouraged if you don’t kill it right away though, any goal can be achieved if you keep trying and don’t give up. Here are our 4 steps to reigniting your 2019 fitness goal.

Step 1: Forget New Year’s

This step is simple.

Forget about your “New Year’s Resolution” and make it your “Right Now Resolution.”

Sometimes we get so hung up on the fact that a resolution we made was a New Year’s one and since that day happened months ago and we have yet to stick it, it’s too late now.

It’s never too late.

Detach your resolution from January first and just turn it into a goal that you’re committed to reaching.

Step 2: Remember that new habits don't happen overnight

As you get back to striving towards your resolution, remind yourself that change doesn't happen overnight. No matter what your fitness goal may be, it takes time to get it on track. It's okay to mess up; messing up doesn't mean your resolution is ruined, it just means you need to try again. Setting fitness goals is about not giving up on what you set your mind to.

Step 3: Create your own in-home gym for convenience

When you have your own workout space, many of the reasons (or excuses) to not get your sweat-session in are eliminated. With a gym just down the hall or next door to you, there's no need to travel anywhere, change clothes, or set aside a long period of time to workout. So find a spot in your home or workplace: a room, a corner, a basement, a garage and start planning! It's your space, so organize and design it any way you want. This will not only inspire you to get in that ultimate sweat session but also help you achieve your resolution through accessibility and ease. Creating an in-home gym is easy when you know where to go to find the rightin-home gym equipment.

Step 4: Find the right fitness equipment that fits your goals

When it comes to sticking with your fitness goals, exercising in a way that you enjoy is key. If you don't like what you're doing, then staying consistent with it will only prove more difficult. The best way to stick to your 2019 fitness goals and turn your goal into a regular part of everyday life is to find the right fitness equipment to fit your workout preferences. Simpson Fitness Supply is the premier supplier offitness equipment in Colorado, here at Simpson’s you can pick and choose the in-home gym equipment that is right for you. Whether you like lifting weights, body weight training or some combination of everything, we've got the equipment you need. Filling up your own space with equipment suited for your goals will set you up to stay motivated.

Step 5: When you're bored, change it

Turning your fitness intentions into a normal part of your life is all about staying motivated. If you start getting bored with your routine and find yourself less excited about working out, then change it up. Our vast supply of in-home gym equipment ranges from small kettlebells to complete home gym packages allowing you to easily add more to your workout space and continue to maximize your time in the gym. Just like you, your fitness routine should grow and change. So, if halfway through 2019 your workout routine changes, let it! You'll have your own in-home gym that can change with it!

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