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Simpsons Fitness Supply

Simpsons Spikey Foot Massage Ball

Dark Blue
Light Blue


Simpsons Spiky Foot Massage Balls are firm ball foot rollers. They are amazing for relieving Plantar Fasciitis and help soothe sore feet and foot pain. These are a great way to enjoy foot mobility and increase circulation in your feet. Massaging your feet with the spiky ball encourages blood flow to the area, which in turn breaks down painful adhesions (tears) in the plantar fasciitis and helps to speed up the healing process,and promotes better foot mobility, and relieve foot pain.

Enjoy a great foot massage while watching your favorite tv show or enjoy all day at the office at your desk. A great way to stretch your sore feet and relieve foot pain. Very lightweight and compact and easy to take with you, keep. Keep one in your gym bag, one beside your couch, and one under your desk for all-day foot pain relief. Choose from the following colors. No difference in firmness, this is a color-only option.

Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Black