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Double the Fitness, Double the Fun with Simpson's Fitness Supply Floss Bands BOGO Offer!

Simpson's Fitness Supply is all about delivering maximum value to our fitness enthusiasts. We're thrilled to announce a limited-time BOGO offer on our top-rated Floss Bands. Yes, you heard it right! Buy one Floss Band and get another absolutely FREE!

Our Floss Bands are more than just an accessory; they are your ticket to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. They are designed to assist in improving mobility, enhancing performance, and speeding up recovery time after workouts.

Key Benefits of Using Simpson's Fitness Supply Floss Bands:

  • Enhanced Mobility: Regular use of our Floss Bands can aid in increasing joint mobility and flexibility, enabling you to perform a wider range of exercises.
  • Faster Recovery: The compression provided by our Floss Bands helps increase blood circulation, speeding up recovery and reducing muscle soreness post workouts.
  • Improved Performance: By helping to break down scar tissue and adhesions, our Floss Bands aid in improving overall exercise performance.
  • Portable and Convenient: Lightweight and compact, these bands fit easily into any gym bag, making them a perfect companion for your workout sessions wherever you go.

So why wait? Grab this BOGO offer today and double up your fitness routine with Simpson's Fitness Supply Floss Bands. Remember, it's not just about working out; it's about working out smart!


Simpsons Muscle Compression Floss Bands are small lightweight and easily fits in your gym bag. Natural rubber band - Used for compression wrap and mobility exercises - Enhance your mobility and decrease the discomfort of a stretch.

  • Great for every type of athlete in the fitness industry. Helps improve range of motion and compresses swollen tissues and joints
  • Floss bands are a must have in your gym bag when you are on the go