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prx performance

PRX Pro His & Hers Package - Green

PRX Pro His & Her Package w/ Multi Grip - Green

Prx Pro Folding Rack - Green

Simpsons Fitness Supply 430lb Bumper Plate Set - 4 x 45, 25,15, 2 x 35, 10lb

Simpsons Fitness Supply 20kg Needle Bearing Barbell

Simpsons Fitness Supply 15kg Needle Bearing Barbell

PRX Wall Mounted Landmine

Brute Force Strongman Sand Bag

Brute Force Athlete Sand Bag

Brute Force Mini Sandbag

2 x Pair Talon Collars

4 Pack Assisted Pullup Bands - Red, Black, Purple, Green

2 x Ab Mats

2 x Speed Ropes


Product Description


PRX Pro Folding Rack - Green

The PRX Pro Folding Rack is a uniquely designed, space-saving fitness solution. In a striking green color, it adds a vibrant touch to your home gym. This rack can be folded away when not in use, making it perfect for tight spaces. Despite its compact design, it doesn't compromise on strength or versatility, supporting a wide range of strength training exercises.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 430lb Bumper Plate Set

Upgrade your weightlifting routine with the Simpsons Fitness Supply 350lb Bumper Plate Set. This set includes varying weights (4 x 45, 25, 15, 2 x  35, 10lb), allowing for a customizable workout tailored to your strength level. These bumper plates are designed to absorb impact, protecting your floors and reducing noise.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 20kg & 15kg Needle Bearing Barbells

The Simpsons Fitness Supply Needle Bearing Barbells (20kg and 15kg) are high-quality pieces of equipment designed for serious lifters. The needle-bearing construction ensures smooth rotations, reducing strain on your wrists during lifts. These barbells are perfect for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and general strength training.

PRX Wall Mounted Landmine

Expand your workout possibilities with the PRX Wall Mounted Landmine. This piece of equipment allows for a wide range of rotational exercises, enhancing your core strength and stability. It's easy to install and compatible with most standard barbells.

Talon Magnetic Collars - 2 x Pairs

Secure your weights with the Talon Magnetic Collars. These collars are designed to fit most barbells, providing a firm grip that prevents weight plates from sliding during your workouts. They're easy to attach and remove, facilitating efficient transitions between weight changes.

Brute Force Athlete Sandbag - Choice of available color

Brute Force Strongman Sandbag - Choice of available color

Brute Force Mini Sandbag - Get your kids involved

4 Pack assisted Pullup bands - Red, Black, Purple, Green

2 x Ab Mats

2 x Speed Ropes