PRX Pro Dip Station Attachment

Looking to add some  size to your shoulders, chest, and triceps then you need to add the PRX Dip Station to your workouts, The Profile® PRO Dip Station Attachment attaches easily to the upright of any of our patented PRO wall-mounted folding racks. The PRO Dip Station Attachment is ideal for bent knee raises, dips, straight raises, one-handed pull-ups, side raises, and hanging rows. Dip station work is also great for increasing your range of motion. Store away with our dip station storage when not in use!

Now including our new anti-rattle pin to help tighten your dip station to the rack! No more wobbles - Easily secure the dip station for a rock solid pump.

*** Fits PRO Racks Only (3x3), not compatible with Profile Racks (2x3) ***

Color: Black Onyx

Weight: 23lbs

Handle Width: 17"-23"

Handle Length: 15"

Handle Diameter: 1-7/8"

Hole/Pin Size: 5/8"

Made in the USA