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PPR500 Half Rack Package

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Elevate your fitness routine with the Home Gym Package from Simpsons Fitness Supply. This all-inclusive set brings together high-quality equipment designed to facilitate a wide range of strength training exercises, allowing you to create a versatile and effective home gym.

Body Solid PPR500 Half Rack: The backbone of any serious home gym, this half rack provides a safe and robust platform for weightlifting. Its sturdy design ensures durability, allowing you to reach new heights in your fitness journey with confidence.

Body Solid Economy Barbell: This professional-grade barbell is perfect for a variety of weightlifting exercises. Its user-friendly design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to focus on your form and performance.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 195lb Rubber Coated Grip Plate Set: This comprehensive set offers weights for all levels of strength. The rubber coating ensures a firm grip and reduces noise during your workouts, while the variety of weights allows for progressive overload, crucial for muscle growth and strength gains.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 16kg Cast Iron Kettlebell: Add a touch of functional fitness to your routine with this kettlebell. It's perfect for swings, squats, and other full-body movements, helping you build strength, power, and endurance.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 4 Large Assisted Pull-Up Bands: These bands add versatility to your workouts, assisting you with pull-ups, stretching, and resistance training. They're an excellent tool for enhancing strength and flexibility.

The Home Gym Package from Simpsons Fitness Supply isn't just a collection of equipment; it's a commitment to your fitness goals. Order your package today and bring the gym experience right into your home!