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Simpsons Farmers Carry Handles – Pair

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Simpsons Farmers Carry Handles are a popular piece of fitness equipment that has several benefits for those interested in developing overall strength and endurance. These unique handles consist of thick grips attached to a metal frame that is used to hold onto weights and carry them across a distance.

One of the primary benefits of owning farmer's carry handles is the ability to work your grip strength. Since the handles are thick, holding onto them requires a tremendous amount of grip strength. This translates to an increased ability to perform other exercises that require grip strength, such as deadlifts or pull-ups.

Another benefit of using farmer's carry handles is that they are a great option for those interested in functional fitness. The exercise mimics real-life scenarios such as carrying groceries or heavy items, and can be beneficial for everyday activities.

In addition, farmer's carry handles work various muscle groups including the shoulders, forearms, and core, which contributes to overall body strength and balance.

Owning farmer's carry handles gives you the ability to add a unique and challenging exercise to your workout routine. Incorporating farmer carries into your fitness plan can improve your grip strength, balance, and overall strength. Moreover, since this equipment is compact and portable, it is suitable for home gyms and travel.

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