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Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry - Hip Halo

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The Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System includes the Hip Halo (Available in 3 different resistance levels - light, medium & heavy), exercise chart, training guide (pdf) and access to the Training Zone.

Yellow Halo - Light Resistance

The Light Hip HALO is designed for those just getting starting with a workout program.

Recommended for:
Youth Athletes
New to Strength Training
Took some time off and want to ease back into training (e.g.- postpartum, rehabbing injury, etc.)

Red Halo - Medium Resistance

The Medium Hip HALO is recommended for those with experience weightlifting, high school athletes, and active adults.

Recommended for:
Most high school athletes
Active adults

Blue Halo - Heavy Resistance

The Heavy Hip HALO is recommended for those with extensive experience weightlifting, move really well, and the primary goal is pushing strength and performance.

Recommended for:
Collegiate, professional or elite fitness athletes.
Larger Adults

The Hip Halo System includes 3 exercise programs for activating and strengthening the muscles of the hip and core, along with 30 day rehab programs for back, knee and hip pain.