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Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry Gen 3 – Team Package




The CS TEAM package is a smart solution for implementation with an entire team prior to or following training or competition. It features the new Crossover Symmetry Gen3 System and five easy-to-follow programs for shoulder Activation, Activation+, Recovery, Strength and Mobility.

Available in 3 resistance packages:

  • Novice (Ages 8 to 13)
  • Athletic (High School Athletes)
  • Elite (College and Pro)


The team package is a cost-saving solution for professional, collegiate, high school and competitive teams. Four or more stations allow coaches to take their team through the Crossover Symmetry programs in a time efficient manner.

Team package contents (1 station):
• Training Guide (hardcopy)
• Access to online Training Zone
• Aluminum Exercise Chart
• 4 Crossover Cords (2 pairs)
• CS Mobility Sac
• Drawstring Backpack


Each team station includes 2 sets of Crossover Cords: a heavy set and a light set. We have pre-selected these resistances levels based on the strength of the individual and the known strength ratios of larger and smaller muscle groups/movement patterns.


The Novice Package is recommended for: Athletes new to exercise or rehabbing an injury.

  • Male: Ages 8-13
  • Female: Ages 8-16

The Athletic Package is recommended for: Most athletes.

  • Male: High school athletes, competitive fitness
  • Female: Advanced high school & college athletes, competitive & elite fitness

The Elite Package is recommended for: Elite athletes.

  • Male: College & Pro athletes, elite fitness
  • Female: Recommended only if athlete has experience using the system & has extremely strong shoulders

Minimum of 4 Stations