Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry – Facility Package

Facility Package
Mount Types

Simpsons Fitness Supply offers the Crossover Symmetry facility package includes four resistance sets of Crossover Cords to effectively bridge the strength differences between athletes.

Available in 3 resistance packages:

  • Novice + Athletic
  • Athletic + Elite
  • Deluxe


This is our most complete package, built for the gym or sports performance facility owner needing to customize resistances for various strength levels. Attachments for a squat rack or door are included, however you can upgrade to wall mounts for an additional fee.

Facility package contents:
• Training Guide (hardcopy)
• Access to online Training Zone
• Aluminum Exercise Chart
• 8 Crossover Cords (4 pairs)
• CS Mobility Sac
• Drawstring Backpack
• Attachments (Choice of Door Belts or Squat Rack Straps)


The Facility Package includes 3 resistance options. Two of these options include 4 Crossover Cords and combine either the Novice+Athletic resistances or Athletic+ Elite resistances. Novice+Athletic is perfect for facilities that cater to beginner & intermediate athletes, while Athletic+Elite is recommended for collegiate, professional and advanced sports performance facilities. The Deluxe package is the third option and it includes all six Crossover Cord resistances for facilities accommodating athletes of all strength levels.

The Novice – AthleticPackage is recommended for facilities who cater to beginner & intermediate athletes.

The Athletic – Elite Package is recommended for collegiate, professional & advanced sports performance facilities.

The DeluxePackage is recommended for facilities who cater to athletes of all levels.


There are three attachment options available for the individual package. Your choice of Door Belts or Squat Rack Straps is included in the price of the individual package. You can upgrade to wall mounts for $40