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Simpsons Fitness Supply

Simpsons Cast Iron Kettlebells


Simpsons Kettlebells provide you with the perfect combination of strength and cardio training all in one piece of weight training equipment. A solid one piece cast, creates a stronger more solid kettlebell with a smoother surface which eliminates voids in the material giving them a very smooth and finished look. The smooth surface gives you an amazing handle free of burrs which can tear up your hands. Our kettlebells feel very balanced, unlike cheaper kettlebells with welded handles which creates a much weaker handle and can make them feel unbalanced. Bells are powdered coated not epoxy filled which will chip and flake off leaving large voids and rough / sharp patches on handles and the bell surface.


  • Single one piece casting
  • Black powder coating finish
  • Color bands on handle for quick visual size reference
  • Smooth handles free of burrs
  • Handles hold chalk well if needed
  • Flat wobble free base
  • Kilogram & Pound markings on each bell
  • Great for swings, presses, goblet squats & Turkish get ups