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Body Solid

Body-Solid 7ft Economy Olympic Barbell - Chrome

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This Body-Solid 7 ft economy Olympic Barbell is designed to take you to super heavy workloads! Precision engineered of the highest quality components.
Precision engineered of the highest quality components. Triple-plated chrome finish protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling.

Note - This is an economy bushing barbell and not designed to be dropped with Olympic style lifts. It's main purpose is to be used more with your standard type lifts bench press, squats, deadlifts or similar lifts that the barbell will not be dropped as it will wear the bar much quicker and void any manufacture warranty.


44 lbs.
30.00mm Bar Dia.
Shoulder Bolt Collar Mount
51.50" (ID) Between Collars
15.25" Collar Length
600 lbs. capacity

Model : OB86