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Body Solid

Body Solid 14" Olympic Sleeve Adapter

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14" Olympic Adapter Sleeve

Converts 1" standard plate posts to 2" Olympic posts-14" long. Heavy-duty nylon with hex bolt lock-down for long-lasting performance

Versatility: The Body-Solid 14" Olympic Sleeve Adapter allows users to convert their standard 1" weightlifting sleeves to accommodate 2" Olympic-sized plates, providing more options for their workouts.

Cost-effective: Instead of purchasing a separate Olympic bar, users can save money by simply using the adapter to upgrade their existing equipment.

Easy to use: The adapter slides onto the standard bar effortlessly, making it quick and convenient for users to switch between different plate sizes during their workouts.

Enhanced durability: By enabling the use of Olympic plates, the adapter increases the overall durability and longevity of the user's weightlifting equipment.

Increased weight capacity: The Olympic Sleeve Adapter allows users to load their bars with heavier Olympic plates, leading to more challenging and effective workouts.

Improved safety: Using the adapter ensures a secure fit for Olympic plates on standard bars, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during workouts.

Compatibility: The Body-Solid 14" Olympic Sleeve Adapter is designed to fit most 1" standard bars or machine posts, making it a versatile addition to any home or commercial gym

Sold individually

 Model: OAS14


Assembled Weight: 1lb

Length - 14"

Width - 2"

Height - 2"