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TriggerPoint MB2 Roller

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Unlock twice the relief with the MB2 Roller®. Designed with two settings to ease tight muscles and stiffness in the neck and back, the MB2 Roller® can support proper posture and upper back mobility.

● Double massage ball design with patented, layered EVA foam surface encourages blood and oxygen flow to keep
muscles and fascia healthy
● Adjustable length can be locked for use on smaller muscles around the spine, or extended to target the larger muscles of
the back
● Helps stimulate circulation, increase mobility in the spine, and improve posture
● Foam massage balls offer optimal compression and pressure for safe, effective and targeted self-massage
● Highly durable, water resistant, and easy-to-clean
● 9.5 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches, 0.24 pounds / 109 grams.