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Julia's Mobility Package


Looking for the perfect blend of foam roller and massage balls. Then take a look at Julia's Mobility package. Easily fits in your gym bag so you can take with you on the go and always have your mobility products with you.

Product Information

Foam Rollers come in two sizes 18" & 36" and are firm to not break down to maximize your foam rolling session.

5" targeted massage ball is  great for sore joints, knots and muscle tension can slow you down. That’s why the Targeted Massage Ball features a unique texture, 5” diameter and ideal firmness for stimulating circulation

2 1/2" Lacrosse ball to target those sore muscles and dig deep and hit those hard to reach, deep sore muscles.


Package Options

Package #1 - 36" Firm foam roller, 5" Massage Ball & 2 1/2" Lacrosse ball

Package #2 - 18" Firm foam roller, 5"  Massage Ball & 2 1/2" Lacrosse ball