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Simpsons Wood Gymnastic Rings

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Simpsons Wood Gymnastic Rings are an essential part of any home or commercial gym. Looking for a great way to build upper body strength, then wood rings are a must have for your workout room. Not only are they great for gymnastics but also used in many training studios during functional fitness and HIIT type workouts. Wood rings are used in a variety of workouts and exercises including dips, muscle ups, pull-ups, ring push-ups, ring rows, pull-ups, and many other body weight type resistance workouts.

  • Straps - 1.5" wide with large visible numbers that make height adjustment and set up a breeze
  • Quick Adjust Buckles - Heavy duty and durable, but adjust with a simple easy feed buckle that won't slip during use.
  • Wood handles - Smooth and feel great on your hands, work great with or without chalk
  • Portable - Easy to set up and take down or adjust between exercises