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Ultimate Home Gym

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Transform your fitness journey with the Ultimate Home Gym Package from Simpsons Fitness Supply, designed to bring the intensity and functionality of a commercial gym right into your home.

Body-Solid Functional Trainer - GDCC200: Unleash limitless workout possibilities with this state-of-the-art functional trainer. Its ergonomic design and a superior range of motion enable targeted, full-body workouts. The GDCC200 accommodates users of all sizes and fitness levels, making it a versatile addition to your home gym.

Body-Solid Power Rack - SPR1000 (Commercial Rated): Step into a new world of strength training with our commercial-grade power rack. Engineered for extreme workouts, the SPR1000 offers exceptional durability and stability, providing a safe and efficient platform for squats, deadlifts, and more.

Body-Solid - SFID325 (Commercial Rated): This adjustable bench is the epitome of comfort, functionality, and durability. Whether you're performing flat, incline, or decline exercises, the SFID325's rock-solid support, and high-density padding ensure a comfortable and secure workout experience.

Body-Solid Needle Bearing Barbell (Men's): Experience smooth, frictionless lifts with our needle-bearing barbell. Designed for both beginners and seasoned lifters, this barbell's balanced construction and high-quality finish offer unmatched durability and grip.

260lb Body Solid Hi-Temp Bumper Plates (45,35,25,15,10lb pairs): Complete your weightlifting setup with our hi-temp bumper plates. Made to withstand intense drops without damage, these plates are perfect for heavy-duty training. The varied weights cater to all your lifting needs, from warm-ups to max-out lifts.

The Ultimate Home Gym Package is more than just a set of equipment; it's a comprehensive solution for those serious about fitness. Say goodbye to crowded gyms, expensive memberships, and time constraints. With our package, you have the freedom to train when you want, how you want. Invest in your health, strength, and well-being today with Simpsons Fitness Supply, where quality meets performance.

.What is included in the Ultimate Home Gym Package

Body-Solid Functional Trainer - GDCC200 

Body-Solid Power Rack - SPR1000 (Commercial Rated)

Body-Solid - SFID325 (Commercial Rated)

Body-Solid Needle Bearing Barbell (Men's)

260lb Body Solid Hi-Temp Bumper Plates (45,35,25,15,10lb pairs)