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Body-Solid GPR378 Economy Package

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Package Includes the following equipment

Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack

Body-Solid Economy Barbell

Simpsons Fitness Supply 195lb Rubber Coated Grip Plates - Pair of 45, 35, 10, 5, 2.5lb

Spring Collars


Product Description

Body Solid GPR378 Power Rack: The Body Solid GPR378 Power Rack is your ultimate training partner. Designed for heavy-duty workouts, it features a wide 'walk-in' design that allows for a full range of motion. With 20 adjustment levels, it's perfect for users of all sizes and fitness levels. Its robust construction ensures maximum safety during every workout session.

Simpsons Fitness Supply 195lb Rubber Coated Grip Plate Set: This 195lb rubber coated grip plate set by Simpsons Fitness Supply offers a range of weights for progressive resistance training. The rubber coating provides an easy grip, reduces noise, and protects your floor from damage.

Body Solid Economy Barbell:The Body Solid Economy Barbell is an exceptional fitness tool designed for both beginners and seasoned lifters. This barbell is a testament to Body Solid's commitment to quality and durability, ensuring you get the best out of your weightlifting sessions.

Spring Collars: Keep your weights securely in place with these sturdy spring collars. Designed to fit standard size bars, they're easy to use and essential for safe workouts.

Each of these products contributes to a comprehensive, effective, and safe workout routine, making them ideal additions to any home or professional gym setup.