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November 29, 2018


We live busy lives, which means for some of us, we don’t get to hit the gym as often as we want - whether it’s due to time, travel, family commitments or work. However, we still want to maintain a workout routine that keeps us fit and healthy. Working out on a regular basis can help to reduce stress, improve the cardiovascular system and keep our mental attitude healthy as well. So for those of us who can’t commit to five times a week at the gym, what do we do?

The solution? Build your own gym!

Having an in-home gym is the perfect solution for making fitness a priority even if you lead a busy lifestyle.  You can work around your schedule and also include your entire family, which makes working out a great way to spend time with your family while teaching your kids the importance of fitness and health as they grow up.

But, before you dive all in and begin purchasing fitness equipment you may or may not need, we’ve outlined a few things to consider before building your own workout space at home.

Get the right workout space

Before you decide on where to put your gym, consider a space that accommodates your fitness goals and needs. Will it mostly be you working out or will your family be excited to workout with you? Will you use it together or separately? Do you plan to hire a trainer or create your own routine? If you are working out as a family unit, a larger space may be needed and you’ll want to consider what equipment is needed for everyone who says yes to designing a fitness routine. If it is just you, less space can be used and you may want to consider larger pieces of equipment or equipment that is multi-functional if that is your workout style.

Get the right equipment

Gym equipment comes in both large and small packages. The type of equipment that you’ll need depends on you and your family’s exercise goals and routines. Most will likely fall into the trap of going full scale and purchasing a few types of equipment that will take up the majority of the floor space not thinking about other options that take up less space or purchasing an equipment package that is multi-functional.

Below are some options for fitness equipment that make it easy to work out in your home which can include other family members and maximize the space you have to create a great home gym.

  • Kids & adult size medicine balls – Kids medicine balls are perfect for family exercise, allowing you to teach your kids how to exercise properly and early on is key to helping them live a fit and healthy lifestyle. They are small, compact, and a perfect way to include your kids in your workouts. Simpson’s Fitness Supply has Kids 10″ medicine balls available from 2lb to 8lbs and full size 14" medicine balls in adult sizes which range in size from 6lbs to 30lbs both styles are made with quality and performance in mind. No matter your skill level, wall balls are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your home gym with several uses and exercises that can be done with them.
  • Balance disks - balance disks are perfect for your home gym. A balance disk strengthens and tightens your core while working on stability exercises during each training session. Balance Disks- Air Stability Cushion from Simpson’s Fitness Supply is filled with air so you can easily adjust firmness depending on your specific needs. Disks can be used as a chair cushion for kids with ADHD or those who struggle to sit still or fidget in their chairs. Cushions are double sided with a smooth surface on one side and can be flipped over to expose small soft spikes to enhance your child's sensory needs, which help them sit still longer and improve concentration. This is a great piece of exercise equipment for children with sensory needs. It is also a great tool for adults to enhance core stability and overall body stabilization.
  • Resistance Bands - the perfect in-home tool that allows for simple stretching, as well as providing a variety of workouts for your legs, arms, core strengthening and much more. Resistance bands are also perfect for those who travel often and need to take their workout routine on the road or for small spaces where maximizing the space of a room is needed to ensure a good workout. Resistance bands are a great addition to your strength training routine, and they come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and types of resistance. This handy and portable piece of exercise equipment is easily stored and fits in any travel bag when needed. We offer a wide variety of resistance bands. Shop our store and for any questions feel free to contact us directly for help when making your purchase.