All About Barbells

February 19, 2019

All About Barbells


For those who love to lift and dedicate their workouts to weights, having the right  gym equipment to best get those gains is of the utmost importance.

Picking out a metal bar to slide some weights on might seem easy, but it’s also very easy to purchase a barbell that doesn’t work properly or isn’t the right fit for you.

First, here are a few tips for picking out the right  barbell for you:

#1. Diameter matters

Not all  barbells have the same diameter. Due to men and women generally lifting at slightly different weight increments, there is a standard 28-29 mm diameter shaft for men and 25 mm for women. Choosing the  barbell with the right diameter for the amount of weight you will be lifting is important because you want the sleeve of the  barbell to be able to properly fit and support the weighted plate. Along with this, there is usually a length difference that goes along with the difference in diameter. The standard is 7.2 feet for men and 6.5 feet for women. This might not seem like a huge difference, but it will be when you’re laying down and use that barbell to lift 35 pounds over your head.

At Simpsons Fitness Supply the premier supplier ofgym equipment in Colorado, we offer a  Women’s 15KG barbell and a  Men’s 20KG barbell, both meeting the standards ofbarbell sizes and perfectly suited for your specific weight needs.

#2. Goodknurling is important

If you don’t know,  knurling is the rough, cross-hatched pattern that usually covers the whole middle section of the barbell. Knurl is extremely important and is mainly for grip and the feeling of control and stability when you’re lifting. It eliminates the risks of the barbel slipping or sliding in your hands as you use it.

Our  barbells have some of the best designed and manufactured knurling and are placed exactly where your hands need it to be for the most solid grip.

#3. Design is important

When it comes to lifting, everyone has different goals and likes to work out different ways. That’s why the shape and design of barbells are not all the same.

For options to focus the burn in different areas, there is a  multi-grip barbell. It is structured so that your hands can grip the barbell at different distances from each other. Different muscles are worked when your hands are closer together than when they are apart.

For a barbel that allows you to also safely squat weights as well as lift them, there is a  squat olympic bar. This usually comes with a padded attachment in the middle of the barbell that fits around your shoulders and protects them as you squat.

#4. The strength is in the material

It would probably surprise you to know that barbells can break if they are not properly manufactured and made with the right materials.

At  Simpsons Fitness Supply, we make our barbells with the strongest and most top quality materials so you can be sure that the shape and frame of your  barbell will not become deformed, even after many years of uses. You can also be confident that our  barbells can handle the weights you give it and will not break under the pressure.

Overall, quality is what matters most when you purchase a barbell or any fitness equipment for your in-home gym.

Quality can be the difference between your barbell going as strong as you do through all your workouts and it giving out after a few, unlike you.

At Simpsons Fitness Supply, we offer a variety of  high-quality barbells that are designed with you in mind. We want people who are passionate about weight lifting to have fitness equipment in Colorado that matches their strength. For a strong and secure barbell, head here.

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