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May 02, 2019

When it comes to those of us who engage in hard fitness regiments, mobility doesn’t just mean moving around a lot during the workout, it means having the  ability to move around without any resistance or pain. In other words, havinggood mobility is due to your body being properly prepared for the workout with your muscles being loose, stretched and recovered from your previous workout.

You can tend to your muscles before and after a sweat session by stretching, but it’s even better with the addition of fitness equipment that’s designed specifically to work on those muscles.

At  Simpson’s Fitness Supply we offer a variety of greatmobility equipment that will prepare your body before an intense workout as well as help it wind down afterward and make sure that your muscles are in peak shape the next time you pick up a weight, go for a run or performmobility exercises.

Here are some of our favorites:

Foam Rollers

This blue and black beauty is amazing for the sore muscles in your legs (calves and thighs), back, and even the sides of your body. All you need to is sit on the floor, lay the roller down, and let it roll out all the tensions and tightness in your body. Small and compact, our foam rollers can fit almost anywhere in yourhome gym,garage gym or gym bag.

Don’t have your own gym or like to take your workout outside instead but still want mobility equipment? No problem! Ourfoam rollers easily fit in gym bags, the back of your car or in the crook of your arm for your convenience.

Don’t like black and blue? They come in different colors too! Check them out here:

Massage Balls


For when your muscles need more targeted treatment, ourmassage balls are amazing for rubbing out specific areas of your body that are really feeling the burn.

They’re a great follow-up to ourfoam rollers. After giving your muscles a good massage all over, you can grab your massage ball and really work out the tension wherever it may be flaring up in your body. We’ve found that our massage balls work wonders on yourupper shoulder muscles, lower back, and calves.

Small enough to fit in your travel bag or stuff in the outside zipper of your gym bag, thesesmall massagers are a must-have for any kind of workout prep:



Simple but effective, ourworkout mats are amazing for protecting your muscles while your performingmobility workouts or just plain stretching out.

We offer full body mats that are great for yoga, stretching, and ab workouts as well as mats that target more specific parts of your body such as your tailbone when you’re engaging inintense core workouts.

While this kind ofmobility equipment is one that you use during your workout rather than before or after, it still operates with the purpose of helping and supporting your body and your muscles so that they are in tip-top shape all the time.

Find our selection of mats here:

Mobility equipment is a must-have when you’re engaging in hard-hitting, intense, and consistent workouts because it gets your muscles ready for battle every time. High-quality and reliable, our mobility equipment won’t let your muscles down. Shop now here:

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