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December 28, 2017

Looking to buy gym equipment but are struggling to find the funds? Simpson's Fitness Supply is the ideal place to start for individuals looking to buy some home gym equipment on a budget.


Along the assortment of equipment offered, Simpson Fitness Supply also has equipment packages perfect for this holiday season. Some of the packages we offer include:

(the image below, left align with the text above)

If you’re looking for the ideal package for your household -- the His and Hers Package is a great start. This package includes:

  • Commercial squat rack
  • Mens 8 inch needle bearing olympic bar (45 lb)
  • Womens 8 inch needle bearing olympic bar (35 lb)
  • 450 lb bumper plate sets (4x45 lb, 2x35lb, 4x25lb, 4x15lb, 4x10lb)
  • Rubber-coated change plates (2x5lb, 2x2.5lb)
  • Cast iron kettlebells (10kg,12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg)
  • Wallballs (8lb, 14lb, 20lb)
  • 3-sided plyobox (20”, 24”, 30”)
  • Woodring set
  • OSO pro collars (2 pairs)
  • Ab mats (2)
  • Speedropes (2)
  • Battling rope (50 ft x 1.5”)
  • Resistance band set (red, black, purple, green)
  • Foam rollers (2)

So what are the advantages of buying a package for your home gym?

  1. Save money
  2. Convenience
  3. Allows variety in training
  4. Unlimited time of exercise
  5. Availability of equipment

#1 Save Money & Time

Our packages are the perfect option for individuals or families looking for some new additions for their home gym. The biggest reason people love our packages is the money you save instead of buying all the equipment separately. This His and Hers package comes with over 15 different types of equipment, with enough for two people to train together at the same time. Not only that -- but you’re getting everything two people would need for just around $2000.  

#2 The Ultimate Convenience

Making the decision to buy a package for your home gym can provide great benefit as well a major decrease in the stress of finding all the individual pieces of equipment to put together your ideal home gym.

Worried you won’t find the equipment you need in the sporting goods store? With the different packages we provide, you can choose the package best suited for you. This gets rid of the headache of searching for particular pieces of equipment.

You can also see all the items in our showroom and try them out BEFORE purchasing!

#3 Allows Variety in Training

Not only does home equipment provide the utmost convenience to get your workout in, but it allows the addition of variety in your training as well. Our packages include up to 15 different types of workout equipment so you never run out of ways to reach optimal health.

#4 Unlimited Time of Exercise

Do you have a busy work schedule and can’t make the commute to your local gym? With Simpson Fitness Supply, you can order your equipment package and have it set up right in your home so you never have to worry about making to the gym before it closes or getting stuck in traffic.

And let’s not kid ourselves, if all you have to do is walk out to the garage or down to your basement (or wherever put your gym at home) it’s a lot easier to stay committed and not miss a day!  Consistency beats equipment every time!

#5 Availability of Equipment

With the new year coming up, your current gym may be packed with people who’s New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and get in shape. That’s all great, but the wait for your favorite machine may become more routine than not. Having your own gym equipment at home not only guarantees your ability to get your workout in, but it ensures you won’t have to wait on anyone else, either.

Save yourself money, time and stress when you order your very own gym package from Simpson Fitness Supply and start optimizing your health immediately!

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