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November 27, 2018

Whether you are thinking of building your own gym or designing a home gym, one piece of fitness equipment that is easy fall in love with for many reasons are Kettlebells.

The two styles of kettlebells are competition kettlebells and cast iron kettlebells. Kettlebells are used in various forms of exercise and are very versatile which make them a gym favorite.

Before we start swinging, we would like to share why we often suggest a kettlebell as a must have for any gym and workout routine. 

5 Reasons why Kettlebells are the best solution for your gym needs:

1. Space Saver - they don’t take up much room

With its small size, Kettlebells are perhaps one of the smaller pieces of gym equipment that are cost effective. They allow a wide range of movements, and at the same time, save floor space when your workout space is at a premium. With its small footprint, it doesn’t take up too much space and can be stored on the floor or on a kettlebell rack. Don't let its small size fool you as it is a complete body workout including strength, endurance, and power over other bulkier pieces of gym equipment that take up much more space.

 2. Strength Training and Aerobic Training

The continuous swinging movement with the use of Kettlebells not only gives you an incredible total-body workout, but the movement itself enhances your power, speed, and balance. For those who are into weightlifting, it helps build strength and endurance. While for the non-weight lifters or for those who just want to burn fat, there are a variety of Kettlebell cardio workouts that are a great way to keep your heart rate up while shedding off fat and building muscle.

3. Workout several muscle groups with only one piece of equipment

Whether it’s building your muscles, increasing strength, or burning fat, kettlebell workouts can give you the full body workout you are seeking within one small unit. Kettlebell swings, goblet squat, and sumo squats are just a few examples of how to accomplish a great workout with the use of Kettlebells. These routines hit the right muscle groups in the correct places providing a total body workout. Best used with repetitions that target specific muscle groups that strengthen the body and core.  

4. Easy to find content on how to use Kettlebells online and with a trainer

Not sure how to work out with a kettlebell? No problem! One of the things that make this all-in-one piece of equipment so sought after is that there are various online videos to teach you various exercises and workout routines to work any muscle group you desire. You can find a video for almost any exercise you’re looking for. They have routines for beginners as well as routines for more experienced users who are seeking a harder exercise. You can also start training with an instructor or trainer (We can also help you find a trainer if needed) and then use the instructional videos later.

5. Choosing the correct size kettlebell to ensure your safety

Now that you’ve read the other reasons why Kettlebells are the perfect solution for your home gym, it’s time to pick the perfect size. Kettlebells come in different sizes and picking the correct weight is the key to enable you to safely perform the different workout routines with proper form. Kettlebell weights are measured in kilograms and pounds. Our competition style bells start at 8kg and increase in 2kg increments up to 48kg. Finding the right size to fit your needs is the key to ensuring you are using it safely. You want to make sure you get a kettlebell that fits your ability, instead of trying to get one you’ll grow into. If you are unsure - speak with a professional prior to making a purchase.

Kettlebells might be small compared to the bulky, multifunctional gym equipment you might be used to. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t pack a large punch. Simpsons Fitness Supply has the most affordable, high-quality Kettlebells that will fit the needs of any commercial gym, studio or home gym. We can help you make recommendations around which size to buy, and even connect you with a trainer to help you learn how to use them.

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