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November 20, 2018


Are you setting up or making changes to your home gym? For many, the end of the year is the perfect time to review their fitness goals and review what equipment they currently have or will need to help them accomplish the goals they have for the upcoming year. During your review of inventory, you may discover a few items that need to be replaced, or there are items you don’t currently have that you need to buy.

However, you also know you can’t have everything on the list. If you are setting up your gym on a budget, it is crucial to thoroughly review exactly what fitness equipment is needed before buying faddish equipment that is expensive or won’t be used. There are key elements to consider when setting up a gym on a budget.

  •  First, Decide your Budget

Setting up your own gym does not have to be expensive. Establish a budget and work around it by reviewing the prices of the type of equipment you will need for the types of workouts you plan to conduct in the gym. Once you have decided on your budget, choose a company who has experience in providing fitness equipment to fit within that budget. Simpsons Fitness Supply is a Denver based, family owned company that provides personalized service to our customers. We help our clients find equipment that fits within their budget but still provides the type of workout you or your clients are seeking. Our experience allows us to make the best recommendations for space, and types of workouts that will be conducted in the gym. We can even come in and take a look at your place to make recommendations on the right equipment.

  • Choose Space Saving Items

When setting up your gym, space is key--both vertical and horizontal. Taking advantage of all of the room you have is paramount to ensuring you are maximizing the room you have as well as staying within your budget.

There are many options for exercise equipment that are suitable for small places. For example, a folding rack which can be put up on the wall when not in use is a great way to maximize the space in a gym, and kettlebells (which occupy only a few diameters of space), are another great option as they provide the ability to gain a full body workout for strength training, cardio, and mobility exercises.  Dumbbells or wood rings - also make great choices for multi-functional use equipment that can be used for many styles of workout routines but do not take up much room. Check out these space-saving pieces of fitness equipment made by PRx Performance. These space-saving wall mounted racks and folding benches are the ultimate space savers. Also available by PRx is the wall mounted weight tree - which mounts your weights on the wall instead of taking up valuable floor space and are very pleasing to the eye. Another great space saver from PRx is the vertical barbell storage available in 1 and 2 barbell storage options, to help keep your barbell(s) protected and safely secured to the wall.

  • Look for pre-built equipment packages

A pre-built equipment package is a great option to see what pieces of fitness equipment will best fit your needs, while also getting the equipment you need to accomplish the workouts you’re seeking. A pre-built fitness equipment package satisfies many needs while staying within a budget and your space requirements. Simpsons Fitness Supply has a variety of fitness packages depending on your needs, such as:

  • Family Packages
  • PRx Pro His & Her Packages
  • PRx Profile Garage Gym Package
  • Ultimate Home Package
  • Home Starter Package
  • Athlete Package
  • Conditioning Package
  • Back to Basics Package
  • Strength and Conditioning Package
  • Strength and Mobility Package
  • Mobility Package
  • Mini- Conditioning Package
  • Recovery Package

With all of these packages available, Simpsons Fitness Supply covers a wide range of fitness equipment no matter what your budget is or how much space you have. This allows you to spend your time and money where it best fits your needs, instead of unnecessary pieces of equipment that don't fit your space, workout style, or fitness goals.  We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you meet your needs within the budget you have set.

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