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February 17, 2019


Whether your interest is in a  home gym,  garage gym, or commercial gym,  bumper plates are a must-have for any all-purpose and fully functioning workout spaces.


What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are a type of weight plate that is used with  Olympic Barbells. They double as additional weight for your workout and protection for your space. Individuals who are engaging in weightlifting,  strength training and CrossFit use these plates often in their fitness routines.

However, you don’t need to be involved in intense forms of training to also have a use and need for  bumper plates. These integral pieces  ofgym equipment can benefit any workout where you’re trying to gain muscle or just build up your strength.

That being said, you shouldn’t purchase bumper plates from just anywhere. If they aren’t made with the correct materials, they will not do their job properly.

At Simpson’s Fitness Supply, we take pride in the strength and quality of our  Bumper Plates.

Made out of resilient rubber, you can count on our plates lasting through years of your hard-hitting workouts and continually providing protection to your space.


While there are so many benefits to these multi-purpose plates, here are the top 3 reasons that your gym needs  bumper plates: 

#1. Protection for your floors

During a workout, there is no lightly setting the  barbell on the floor at the end of each set of reps. Most individuals immediately let  the  barbell drop to the floor and step away to breathe.

While there’s something very satisfying about letting the barbell go and hit the floor after having successfully increased your weight or completed extra reps, what’s not satisfying is having normal metal plates crash on top of your floor.

This is where bumper plates come in.

Being made of flexible rubber, bumper plates allow the barbell to lightly bounce on the floor whenever it is dropped or let go of so that the weights don’t scratch, dent, or crack your floor.

Putting a gym together is expensive, and so are your nice floors. Help protect both with bumper plates.


#2. Additional weight for your workout

Another great thing about bumper plates is that they’re not just another thing to slide onto your barbell, they are actually weighted. Bumper plates can be the same weight as normal plates: 15lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs and up!

So when you buy bumper plates, you can just add them to the plates you already have and increase your lifting increments which are the only way to continue building muscle and strength.

At Simpsons Fitness Supply we have a wide selection of  bumper plates of different weights so that you can add both the extra pounds and protection you need for your workouts.

#3. Quieter

Have you ever heard someone drop a barbell after a lift?

It’s loud.

With  home gyms,  garage gyms, and commercial gyms that amount of consistent noise usually isn’t optimal.

With a garage gym or a home gym, you might be working out really early in the morning or really late at night.

If you want to make sure not to disturb your family, neighbors or the participants in your gym, you need bumper plates.

Bumper plates really decrease the sound the barbell makes when it hits the floor. As mentioned before, they are made of flexible rubber, so the impact is absorbed by the bumper plate and the sound is minimized.

Whatever kind of gym you have or are interested in beginning to build, make sure that a sturdy and resilient pair of bumper plates are on your list.


High quality and affordable, our bumper plates are hard to beat, and we know that for a fact.

Check them out HERE. 

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